I never really figured out how to play this game back in the day. It still lingered with me.

It’s pretty good. Combining strategy with city building. The city building is pretty deep and satisfying. The stragety is there, but nothing to write home about. Just have the biggest baddest army and you’ll win.


      • GeekFTW
        7 months ago

        If you haven’t played any of the other Impressions Games ‘City Builder’ series, do 100% play Caesar III as skozzii said, but after do continue on with the others. They made Caesar 1-3, then Pharaoh (plus an expansion), Zeus (plus an expansion), and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, all based in Ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, and China respectively. All of them are wonderful, yet a bit different in various ways (and I’d go so far so as to say most people would say Pharaoh is the best of them, though Zeus is fantastic as well). They also, after shutting down, went on to form Tilted Mill, which put out Caesar IV, and Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile, two 2 more city builders (also again, a bit different than before) before they also shut down. And all of them are also available on GOG, as a bonus.

        'Course everything mentioned past Caesar II is beyond DOS but lol Still gonna recommend em!

  • @[email protected]
    37 months ago

    PlEbS aRe NeEdEd!!!

    Will forever be seared into my mind. Kid me did not understand how to play this game.

  • yildo
    27 months ago

    Big fan of Caesar II. I like it better than III or IV. III doubled down on the walker mechanic with its unsatisfying meta of avoiding intersections. The roadblock solution to the weird meta didn’t show up until the later Pharaoh and Zeus games

    Caesar II is elegant and has graphics that have aged very well