I’ve previously composed for different project, video, play, etc. but never for a game. I got an opportunity and they asked me to send draft of metal tracks so I recorded a few things overs the past 2 weeks. I’m looking for any kind of feedback that could help me. In you opinion, are these too fast, slow, complicated, simple? What are you favorites? I’m more of a casual gamer… Please try to stay constructive with you comments, Reddit will take care of the bashing. Thanks!

  • @Audrey0nne
    23 months ago

    Can for sure hear the Hades inspiration.

    Really liked Thanatos and Zagreus tracks, felt like they were the most interesting.

    I did not care for Persephone even for an ambient track it was dull but that’s probably just personal opinion.

    The only thing I really did not like at all was the break in Tartarus around the 2:17 mark, lost all momentum for me.

    If you are still open to inspiration you might consider checking the Persona 4 Arena OST out, specifically The Junes Hero, A Pure-Hearted Beast, Seeker of Truth, The Wandering Wolf and Shadows of the Labyrinth.

    Anyway good work mate, keep it going and I hope at least one thing I said was useful to you.

    • @[email protected]OP
      23 months ago

      Thanks a lot, I really appreciate. The tracks you mentionned are pretty much my favorite too so I will probably send those. Nice recommandations too. I heard of the game but I’m gonna make sure to check that ost!