I listen to a decent amount of audiobooks and I’ll occasionally miss a one-off description of something important. I was wondering if there are projects to add a visual component to audiobooks? Official or fan-made it doesn’t matter. If it does exist what would I search for to find something like this?

Maybe a video with AI generated images and the listener is required to supply their own audiobook or something like that.

I feel like I have seen this done with the Bible several times.

Edit: It seems like the answer is no.

People have suggested movies, VNs, and point and click games but that’s more than what I am after. All I really want is something that accompanies the audio that can occasionally act as a quick reference. If you are still have trouble imagining what I am talking about think of an audio-only podcast that is uploaded to Youtube. They might add a photo in post to accompany what they are talking about but you can still enjoy it without the visual aspect.

I thought there might be a group of people on Youtube doing this with AI images or an audiobook publisher commissioning art to do this.

  • @[email protected]
    2 months ago

    The most I can think of are motion comics (with sound). They’re sort of in-between audio books and animation, mostly voice acting but sometimes also explaining a scene.

    DC for example used to make them, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZjrOEs8Ss0

    Looks like they went out of fashion though. A real shame, many of them had stellar voice acting and actually good production value.