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  • One of my High School teachers told me that when someone asked him for directions and he didn’t know the way he’d just make something up because it made the person so happy and he liked how they smiled at him, all trusting.

    What does it say that he was a teacher. Also: What does it say about me that he was my favorite teacher?

  • My advice is to use a body wash or soap with salycitic acid. It’s in products for preventing or treating acne - the salycitic acid kills the bacteria that causes body odor. You can also apply a toner with salycitic acid directly to your armpits (Stridex pads work well for this - they even make ones that are larger for use on the body). I do this and have zero B.O. Some people use other antibacterial soaps like Hibiclens or Paroxyl.

    Also make sure that you are wearing clean clothes (wearing the same tshirt a couple of days in a row is taking a chance).

    ETA: This won’t help reduce sweating but it will help with the bacteria that feeds on the sweat.