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  • bad article written by inept radlib PMC karen. this reads like it could have been written by any short-fused, airheaded american who yells at the self-checkout attendant bc they dont understand technology. they blame the machine or the employees for something 90%+ of the customers are able to figure out. this vocal minority of abusive customers should be shot and their small businesses should be redistributed to their employees who also suffer their entitled tantrums

    the real reason this article was written is this line:

    retailers utilising self-checkout technology have loss rates more than twice the industry average

    its easier to steal when using these machines. and even tho retailers are probably saving money by hiring less employees despite increased shrinkage, they hate that people are getting stuff for free. they hate that app slaves and other downtrodden workers can get their ketchup for free instead of working 15 minutes to be able to afford sugared tomato paste.

    these machines are easy to use. nobody but the most inept (who are also wealthy and have a sociopathic sense of entitlement) complain abt this. and dont try to claim its harder for ppl with disabilities, bc its not. its easier for ppl w disabilities bc there are less ppl in the cashier lines