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  • Nope z that isn’t how math works. You make the incorrect assumption that those people would ok d vote for Democrats if they didn’t have a choice, which all dats shows is wrong.

    A vote for a third party is equivalent to not voting. That’s a fucking fact z and I’m sick of you liars trump to bully people into voting for your corporate protofascist. It’s never worked and never will, but that won’t stop you from doing it because it’s so much easier than engaging someone and validating their concerns. A

  • Trump is ahead by 5 points in today’s NY Times poll. But let me guess, it’s all progressives’ fault. Dem loyalists never take any responsibility for the fact THEY’VE been the ones failing to lead the opposition to this shit for the last ten years. All you do is character assassinate and bully anyone who disagrees with you, then act like they’re a evil person for feeling alienated by you. It’s all self -righteous bullshit about winning the next election, never about unifying the country against fascists.

  • American work culture has always heavily favored extraverts to begin with. I feel really resentful because extraverts finally got a small taste of what it means to be forced to adjust to a workplace they’re uncomfortable with, and now they act like we all need to go into the office again to keep their needs met.

    There’s never been any real consideration of introverts when it comes to office culture, other than to ridicule or minimize us when we express our needs. And btw I work a highly social job and interact with people all day long. I’m expected to adjust but extraverts aren’t.

  • rambaroo@lemmy.worldtoWorld News@lemmy.worldBiden calls for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza
    5 months ago

    This is what pisses me off about “moderates”. All they give a damn about is optics and winning the next election. The rest of us understand that the only power we have is our vote, and if we don’t use that power to its full extent, which means threatening to withhold it, we’ll never get any concession from any politician.

    The rest of you are quite literally shills who simply don’t give a shit about what’s happening in Palestine. You just do what you’re told to and act like that makes you a good person. You weren’t even willing to do the bare minimum of using your voice, because you dummy actually care.