• Kaity
    22 months ago

    How am I emotionally dependent on them?

    That wasn’t meant as an accusation or anything, nor was I claiming you had or have an unhealthy emotional dependence. There are certainly stages to intimacy, emotionally, romantic, and sexually.

    And that really helps tie together what I am trying to explain here. No partnership is inherently anything, people have different needs, desires, and experience the world in vastly different ways. People have varying degrees of emotions, romanticism, and sexuality. Your responses and how you said them did appear phobic or angry/dismissive at the least so that’s why I decided I should just dismiss you as a person disrespecting of my lifestyle.

    I think it is clear to me now you either had a bad experience and were traumatized by a poor partner, or simply realized you were monogamous. That is totally ok, I’m glad you realize who you are and are happy with it. Though it is certainly easier desiring a societal norm, see our discussion on what I am, where I am defending and trying to explain the vastness of experiences I and others have. You don’t ever have to defend monogamy in our society. As for your views on relationships and sexuality, I still will deny that partnerships are always ever sexual. It’s definitely possible, reading what you’ve said, you are some measure of aromantic to tie everything to being sexual in origin and meaning within a romantic gesture or close non-platonic intimacy. That’s ok too, that is how you experience the world, but that’s not how everyone is or feels about things. If that view is a response to your experiences, I’m sorry that you’ve only ever experienced things as a pretense to sex, but there is a lot more out there.