• Device: Oneplus 6 (enchilada)
  • Android version: 10
  • ROM: LineageOS for MicroG v17.1
  • Rooted with Magisk

Apparently the latest Magisk update somehow crippled my WiFi. AFAICT this mainly affects Android 10, and since I probably need to go into ADB anyway to fix the WiFi issue, I might as well perform a long overdue OS upgrade.

So clearly I don’t routinely do maintenance on my phone via CLI. LineageOS used to have fairly involved instructions on how to upgrade between major versions, some including unpacking Oxygen OS updates and selectively installing firmware modules through a terminal… That’s not a trivial series of operations for a dappler like myself. Let me just run another idea by you all, please let me know if it’ll work:

Suppose I flash an Android 10 OOS to my phone. Dirty flash preferred, I want to preserve my apps and settings. Could I feasibly let the official ROM perform as many kernel and firmware updates as possible via OTA to get to the latest (presumably last/end of life) supported Android version?

After that I would flash the latest LOS/mG back on the device, probably rooting with KernelSU this time.

I appreciate any comments and advice! Thanks in advance 🙏