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  • It may be better than an arbitrary cutoff, but I will die on the hill that it’s still the wrong way to look at a taxonomic system for non-fusors. Using system dynamics to classify parts of a system is all well and good when you’re, well, disecting systems, but this was about defining individual bodies.

    Using extrinsic contexts rather than intrinsic ones is how you define dolphins as fish.

    Spherical due to being in hydrostatic equilibrium is all we need. But that raised tooany questions about the accuracy of system models for system modellers.

  • It’s something that should be publicised not because OpenAI has promised privacy, but because a lot of people seem to assume it where it has not been offered, and they need to be reminded that they’re kind of out to lunch on the issue.

    Like, people in companies keep using these things to write reports with privileged information. People need to be informed as gently but alsonas firmly as possible that they’re sending this stuff over the internet to an organization that considers everything it can see to be its own.